Trend Report: Red Is All the Rage


The color red is a lot of things. It can mean love and anger, passion and power.

The rich, warm tone reminds people of the heat of the summer and the festive spirit of winter holidays. Though in recent years, cooler colors have ruled interiors, bold crimsons are suddenly back on the scene. And as color trends transition from baby pinks and pale pastels to more saturated hues, we think it’s time to bring the famed advice of Bill Blass into our homes — “When in doubt, wear red.”
via Sarah Davidson Interior Design /

via Sarah Davidson Interior Design / Timeout

Like taking a bite into a red velvet cupcake, a soft, luxurious scarlet chair adds a taste of glamor to neutral and monochromatic spaces. We love the opulent, Art Deco vibes the chairs bring to the conservatory-style cocktail bar in Paris’ Hotel Particulier Montmartre.

via House & Garden /

via House & Garden / The Design Files

Fire engine red isn’t right for every space. Burgundy tones create depth and richness without feeling too over the top.

via Dulux /

via Dulux / Bruno Suet

Simplistic spaces with modern and contemporary features are the perfect canvas to give bold red a try. Consider color-blocking with other primary colors or warm up an entire home by redoing the floors with vermillion tile.

via Elle Decor

via Elle Decor

Ever noticed how many fast food restaurants use red and yellow in their logos? These colors are scientifically proven to make you feel hungry. So if you really want to spark people’s appetites, opt for ruby-red chairs and a canary yellow painting in the dining room.

via Cezign /

via Cezign / Justin Bernhaut for Domino

Move aside black and white minimalism. We’re all for the energized crimson shades in the crisp, contemporary living Mount Juliet cleaning service room on the left. To the right, vibrant red cabinets and a cardinal-colored floor create positive kitchen vibes.


Image by Trent Bell via Maine Home & Design / via Jonas Ingerstedt Photography

Despite its high-drama tendencies, red can feel ripe and natural when used in organic spaces, like this Craftsman-style kitchen. Or if fashion-forward flair is what you want, use this saturated hue as a bold accent in modern, black and white designs.