6 Pieces from Art Basel to Inspire Your Space

Image via Architectural Digest

Miami Beach’s tropical climate and sandy white beaches make it a popular vacation destination all year long.

But for one week in December, the exhilarating city also known for its nightlife, and budding art scene devotes itself entirely to the latter. Enter Art Basel. The international fair showcases the finest in contemporary art and draws a crowd of everyone from gallerists and collectors to celebrities, influencers, and party people.

If you won’t be among the attendees this year, that’s okay, we’ve done a little research for you. From vibrant, painterly works to the minimal and abstract, we’ve taken some of our favorite pieces from Art Basel and paired them with rooms to match. Consider this your lesson in dressing your space like an artist.

Floral Traditions
6 Pieces from Art Basel to Inspire Your Space

Andy Dixon, Vanitas, 2017, via Artsy / Jeffrey Bilhuber via Mark D. Sikes Blog

A former punk rocker, Andy Dixon is known for his technicolor paintings of luxury objects, many that appear to be set in the home.  With a chinoiserie vase, a waxen candlestick, an over-stuffed jewelry box, and other miscellaneous items you might find on top of a dresser, this still-life feels like it belongs in a traditional home bursting with antique artifacts and curious objects.

Simple Abstractions
6 Pieces from Art Basel to Inspire Your Space

Sam Moyer, Georgia, 2016, via Artsy / The Design Files

Sam Moyer’s simplistic works draw inspiration from architectural spaces – she uses actual marble slabs, metals, and hand-dyed fabrics on her canvases. Their dual nature makes them a perfect match for a minimalist home with clean lines and contemporary shapes. In the Mount Juliet cleaning service room on the left, blush pink walls, plush fabrics, hard surfaces, and geometric patterns with grey undertones call to mind the innovative ways Moyer’s work brings texture into play.

Double Interiors
6 Pieces from Art Basel to Inspire Your Space

Mickalene Thomas, Interior: Blue Couch and Green Owl, 2016, via Artsy / Jonathan Adler

What better work for your walls than an image of the home? Mickalene Thomas creates bright, lively interiors that draw inspiration from the mid-century modern designs of the late 60s and 70s. Is it just us or are we sensing a little bit of Jonathan Adler’s infamous playfulness here?

Sun-Kissed Style
6 Pieces from Art Basel to Inspire Your Space

Raul CorderoTropical Painting No. 3 (God gave us…), 2017, via Artsy / Apartment Therapy

Raul Cordero’s palm tree-studded conceptual works are very Miami. But we think they’d pair perfectly with an open-air beach house splashed with sunset colors, tropical plants, and unexpected touches, like a swing set in the middle of the living room.

Chaotic Form
6 Pieces from Art Basel to Inspire Your Space

via The Design Files / Sue Williams, Memory and Paint, 2017, via Artsy

Though no space we’ve ever seen has quite the untamed tendencies of Sue Williams’ canvases, the color-filled Mount Juliet cleaning service room on the left feels refreshingly chaotic with its haphazardly hung gallery wall.

Sporadic Shapes
6 Pieces from Art Basel to Inspire Your Space

Shirley Jaffe, Squares, 2007, via Artsy / Architectural Digest

Shirley Jaffe’s Squares piece doesn’t use the same shade of Yves Klein blue as the coffee table in the modern loft on the right, yet her geometric abstractions feel both perfectly planned and effortlessly eclectic — the same description we’d prescribe this room.